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  • Cannabis and Depression

    How To Inhale Marijuana

    What may seem like a simple and obvious task for experienced marijuana smokers, is not necessarily the case for first time users.  Think back to when you took your first toke on a joint.  Did you really know how to properly inhale marijuana?  While you almost certainly still got high, you most likely didn’t get …

  • CBD Lollipops

    CBD Lollipops

    There has been an enormous amount of excitement and hype around CBD (cannabidiol) over recent years.  The possible benefits of this miracle cannabinoid continue to grow as more and more people report on its ability to manage symptoms from a wide variety of conditions such as pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and PTSD.  Different from the …

  • Cannabis Entourage Effect

    Sexing Cannabis

    If you’ve ever dug into the world of homegrown cannabis plant cultivation, you’ve almost certainly discovered that cannabis grows as either male or female plants.  If you are growing your cannabis to produce those tasty buds like the ones you purchase at your favourite cannabis store, knowing whether your plant is male or female is …

  • Which cannabis strain is right for you

    Which Cannabis Strain is Right For You?

    For those of us who enjoy consuming cannabis, the incredible variety available these days is akin to what wine enthusiasts have enjoyed for centuries.  No longer is a bag of weed just a bag of weed.  If you’re looking to order some cannabis online you’ll be confronted with an enormous number of options all of …

  • Smoke, weed, marijuana, weed, high, creative, fun, fun things to do while high

    Fun Things To Do While High

    As we move through our lives our day to day tasks and responsibilities seem to keep compounding.  We work hard every day to earn enough money to support the lifestyles we’re used to.  We have children and pets to care for, cleaning and cooking to do; the list goes on.  We’re laden with time-consuming obligations …

  • Weed Storage

    How Long Is Weed Good For?

    Ok, so you’ve got your big precious stash of weed.  Well… maybe you have a few big stashes to satisfy your ever-growing palette and to round out your magnificent cannabis portfolio.  A nice selection of sativa strains for those sunny, energetic daytime highs, a few heavy hitting indicas for those laid back couch sessions and …

  • Cannabis Pain Relief

    Using Cannabis for Pain Relief

    The benefits of Cannabis are becoming more and more apparent as medical institutions dive deeper into the research behind this miracle genus.  Referring to three psychoactive plants; cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and cannabis ruderalis, Cannabis has been providing another alternative for pain relief.  We’ve all experienced some form of pain throughout our lives, but for …

  • Funny Names for Weed Over the Decades

    Funny Names for Weed Over the Decades

    What are you smoking these days?  Some weed, ganja, bud or herb? Or maybe you’re more into that sticky icky or some of that wacky tobaccy. Call it what you want but there’s nothing better than kicking back at the end of the day and puffing on some sweet jazz cabbage. Call it a sign …

  • CBD and Dogs

    CBD And Pets — Everything You Need To Know

    Why Use CBD For My Pet With CBD providing so many benefits to humans, why not provide our family furry animals with the same medicine? Is this possible? Can pets use CBD? How does it help them? Canada Wide Weed — Vancouver’s Best Online Dispensary will educate you based on research and facts in this …

  • flying with cannabis

    Flying With Cannabis

    Flying With Cannabis In Canada Cannabis is legal in Canada like alcohol and tobacco, with its own restrictions and legalities. Flying with cannabis may seem odd given its been illegal for so many years, but with weed being legal in Canada, you can fly with it just like you can alcohol and tobacco. Can I …

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