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CBD And Pets — Everything You Need To Know

CBD and Dogs

Why Use CBD For My Pet

With CBD providing so many benefits to humans, why not provide our family furry animals with the same medicine? Is this possible? Can pets use CBD? How does it help them?

Canada Wide Weed — Vancouver’s Best Online Dispensary will educate you based on research and facts in this blog.

The top 5 commonly asked questions about CBD and Pets.

Will CBD Make my pet high?

CBD is not psychoactive and has no THC in it. Therefore, it will not make your pet high. If they feel any sensation, it will aid them in feeling relaxed and comfortable in the proper dose. Feeling a sense of calmness brings us to the next question of anxiety for your pet.

My pet has anxiety, will CBD help?

Does your dog suffer from forms of anxiety? CBD products are known to aid your dog by bringing them to a calmer state. In comparison, studies on humans proved that CBD reduced anxiety by public speaking, reduced the severity of anxiety in people with anxiety disorders, and became highly effective for panic disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders.

Is it true that CBD fights cancer in pets?

You may have heard that CBD medication helps pets with cancer, and it’s true! Research demonstrates that CBD oil has an anti-tumour effect. Essentially, in studies, CBD has inhibited the growth of cancer cells and increased tumour cell death. There are many articles about cancer treatment providing evidence on how CBD treatment helps your pets.

Is it true that CBD can reduce the occurrence of seizures and epilepsy?

Did you know that studies suggest that up to 5% of dogs suffer from seizures. Drugs that dogs are prescribed are extremely harmful to your dogs liver and entire organ system. Why not try a natural method? CBD has provided dogs with significant improvement within 4-5 months within initial treatment.

Can CBD relieve pain for my dog?

Here is the most interesting fact of all— CBD is such an efficient drug in treating chronic pain, that doctors are now considering it as a class of drug to my used in the treatment of chronic pain whether that’s short-term or long-term.

CBD is beneficial in a multitude of medical applications for your pets. It is even known to increase appetite and nausea when your pet is sick.

Choosing A Good CBD Oil For My Dog
Not all products are as good as the internet may claim them to be. A great factor for choosing the best CBD product for your dog is to look for something organic or of the highest quality. If the CBD oil is low quality, it may have pesticides, fungicides or solvents in it. The higher the quality also means the price will incense. Pick a CBD oil you would want to use yourself, and give it to your dog too.

How much CBD should I give my dog?
To start, it is suggested to give 1mg per 2.2lbs. This is mainly up to the owners discretion as you know your pet best, what they’re like, and how severe their condition is. Maximize the benefits of CBD, but stay safe and know the suggested quantities to feed your dog.

Check out the Pet CBD dosage calculator on this site here.

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Flying With Cannabis

flying with cannabis

Flying With Cannabis In Canada

Cannabis is legal in Canada like alcohol and tobacco, with its own restrictions and legalities. Flying with cannabis may seem odd given its been illegal for so many years, but with weed being legal in Canada, you can fly with it just like you can alcohol and tobacco.

Can I Fly In-Between Provinces With Weed?

Yes, you can! Just remember you’re flying in between provinces and within Canada. If your flight is beyond domestic, then it is illegal to transport cannabis and products containing cannabis (including CBD).

If I Have a Medical Marijuana License In Canada, Can I Fly With Weed Anywhere?

No, you can not. Even if you have a small amount or are fully authorized to use cannabis medically, you cannot fly anywhere beyond the Canadian border. If you are entering Canada and you have cannabis with you, it is mandatory to declare it to the Canada Border Services Agency. What happens if you don’t? You may be prosecuted.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Purchase Weed?

You need to be the legal age in your specific province, or the province you’re visiting in. Follow the link here to learn about what the age of majority is in your province.

How Much Weed Can I Fly With?

When travelling between provinces in Canada and you meet the age of majority in whichever province you’re visiting, you may possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis. In a visual aspect, that equals about two hearty handfuls. Seems like quite a bit right?

Flying With Cannabis Oils

Don’t forget that even though weed is legal in Canada, and you’re able to fly with 30 grams, cannabis oil follows the same regulations with liquids. Keep it under 100ml (3.4oz) and put it in a clear resealable plastic bag that doesn’t exceed 1 litre in volume.

Flying with Weed Vaporizers

Every airline has its regulations that must be followed when it comes to batteries. For example, Air Canada specifically permits personal electronic devices with lithium-ion batteries (100 Wh – 160 Wh) in carry-on baggage only.

Remember, it’s 30 grams whether you’re on the ground or up in the air.

Check where you can smoke in your province because it varies based on provincial law. For example, Ontario and British Columbia are more lenient with cannabis regulations and allow the public to smoke in many open public spaces, whereas Saskatchewan and New Brunswick only allow it in private residences.

Should I Travel With Weed?

In summary, it is permitted to travel within Canadian provinces with 30 grams of weed, but if your plane is going anywhere beyond the Canadian border, it is illegal, and you might be prosecuted. Read the rules and stay safe. Remember that approximately two handfuls are the maximum allowed per person when travelling with weed.


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Are Butane Hash Oil Products Bad?

Are BHO Products Harmful

Are Butane Weed Products Bad?

Canada Wide Weed is one of the select few Vancouver Online Dispensary’s to not sell or promote the use of butane hash oil products because of their harmful properties. How do butane products harm you? Canada Wide Weed will dive into it for you explaining the true facts to educate our customers on cannabis products extracted using butane.

What are Butane Hash Oil products?

BHO, short for butane hash oil is a form of cannabis concentrate extracted by using butane. The butane heat and pressure extracts its cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis flower.

What types of products use butane?

There are 7 main products that are extracted using butane:

  1. Shatter
  2. Pull and snap
  3. Crumble
  4. Budder
  5. Wax
  6. Sap
  7. Oil

Why is BHO extraction risky? How do BHO products harm my health?

BHO extraction is risky and should only be completed by professionals because of the flammable gas used in the process. The “gas takes liquid form in the tube during the extraction process, and then quickly evaporates when the heat is applied to the mixture. After it evaporates, heavier-than-oxygen butane quickly ‘falls on the floor’ This is why making BHO indoors is extremely dangerous” (The Growth Op).

Are Butane Hash Oil Products High in THC?

BHO products are extremely high in THC as it is a concentrate. Majority of THC molecules are in the oil making it more potent than the dried herb itself.

Can Butane Hash Oil Products Cause Cancer?

Since this product in new in recent years, scientists are still testing the severity of cancer-causing agents in the butane cannabis products. However, it must be noted that BHO products/butane products have classified carcinogens in them from the butane extraction process. When the BHO product user heats up the BHO product, it begins releasing carcinogens immediately, which you then inhale.

If the BHO product is manufactured properly, there should be less than 1% of butane left in the product once it is ready for sale. There are many varying opinions, but our opinion at Canada Wide Weed is that BHO products are harmful to the body and shouldn’t be used as the main inhalation of cannabis.

The Truth About Butane Hash Oil Products

The medical movement and activists for the healing properties of marijuana had revolutionized the industry and made it more advanced in development than ever before. What is our concern? That the focus is veering away from the medical properties and the companies who manufacture BHO products with cost-effectiveness as a priority may not be producing the best product for your health and that is our concern. Medical cannabis and ensuring you have the correct strain that works for you is our priority. Canada Wide Weed values natural healing and educating out customers on natural holistic healing. With holistic health as a priority, butane cannot be in our line of products.

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Best Canadian Online Dispensary

best Canadian online dispensary

Best Canadian Online Dispensary

Buying weed online is as simple as ever with the best Canadian online dispensary Canada Wide Weed. Before buying cannabis online was legal in Canada, you needed a registered health access card from your practicing health professional, and an approved account at your chosen medical marijuana dispensary.

How has legalization changed ordering cannabis online?

Now you don’t need a health access card for cannabis. All you need to do is make an online profile and submit your government-issued ID to verify you’re 19 years of age. Canada Wide Weed accepts ID’s with just your name and date of birth and deletes your ID from our database once your first order is processed. Sounds simple, isn’t it? It is. Your best Canadian online dispensary finds the right craft cannabis product for you.

If you live in the Vancouver area Canada Wide Weed doesn’t require you to upload an ID. If the customer looks under the age of 30 during delivery, we will ask for ID to ensure you’re of age.

How do I order cannabis through Canada Wide Weed?

Ordering cannabis online is as simple as ordering anything through an e-commerce site. Canada Wide Weed prides ourselves on being the best Canadian online dispensary offering multiple strains for ranging medical needs or desired recreational use.

Canada Wide Weed offers prerolls, sativa, indica and hybrid strains as well as edibles, CBD products and extracts. Our wide range of products will help you figure out exactly what works for you, what profiles you enjoy and potency.

You can order cannabis online by following these five simple steps:

-Make a profile and submit your government-issued photo ID
-Find the right strain for you
-Purchase the items in your cart!

Fast Online Weed Delivery in Vancouver

Canada Wide Weed is the best Canadian online dispensary providing the best prices online for weed. In order to be the best we recently adjusted our shipping to be free in Vancouver!

Our minimum order for delivery is $50 for Vancouver, North Shore and Burnaby.  The best Canadian online dispensary offers $5.00 shipping via Xpresspost for any other location in British Columbia.

Fast Weed Delivery in Canada

The best Canadian online dispensary ships via Canada Post Xpresspost which takes between 2 to 3 business days for most major cities. Rural cities can take up to 5 business days.  The best Canadian online dispensary wants you to receive your package as fast as possible.  We ship our packages in discrete, plain, vacuum sealed packing with no branding.  Our cannabis products are always professionally packaged so there is no smell whatsoever to give away whats inside the package.