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Fun Things To Do While High

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As we move through our lives our day to day tasks and responsibilities seem to keep compounding.  We work hard every day to earn enough money to support the lifestyles we’re used to.  We have children and pets to care for, cleaning and cooking to do; the list goes on.  We’re laden with time-consuming obligations and brain-busting itineraries.  It’s no wonder we look forward to those precious days off.  We need a chance to rest, let loose and do something fun.  We need something new and exciting to balance out the stress of our busy lives.  However, it’s not always easy to shift our mindsets from work to play.  Luckily, cannabis can assist greatly in that regard.  A toke or two of your favourite herb and the worries of the world can melt away.  It’s the perfect time to slow down your racing mind and replace it with some fun activities.  You have your weed, a whole weekend ahead of you, but now what?  What are some fun things to do while you’re high?


For the Mellow High

  1. Baking – Leave those pjs on, it’s your day off. Instead of rushing out of the house like you do every other day of the week, bust out a nice hybrid strain and bake your favourite treat.  Not only does it make the house smell terrific but eating a baked treat tastes that much better when you made it yourself (and when you’re high).
  2. Binge Watch – If you have a hard time disconnecting from your busy work life, a few tokes of your favourite indica and some movies or a new series are the perfect pairing. Cozy up on the couch and dive into another world, leaving the stresses of your week in a cloud of smoke.  We suggest a good comedy or cartoons for some good laughs.
  3. Listen to Music – If you’ve had too much screen time and don’t feel like being creative, roll one up and listen to some new music. With music streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music, there are a ton of playlists out there to fit your vibe and help you discover some new artists.  If you have some nice headphones or hi-fi speakers, you’ll really get the most out of listening to music while you’re high.
  4. Play Video Games – There are few better times to play video games than when you’re high. Grab your weed stash, shut the blinds and dive deep into another world.  Try a new game by an independent developer, or lose yourself in your console’s greatest hits.  There are lots of amazing games out there and they’re a ton of fun when you’re high.


For the Fun and Adventurous High

  1. Hike – There’s nothing quite like getting back in touch with nature. Pack a bag full of snacks, water and your favourite sativa and get outside to explore.  Hike to a spectacular viewpoint, find a quiet spot in the forest, check out that waterfall you’ve always wanted to see.  Bring a camera too!
  2. Kayaking or SUPing – Get a great upper body work out and enjoy the soothing sounds of the lapping water. Bring a few prerolls and pack them in a waterproof bag to enjoy once you’re out on the water.
  3. Camping – In my opinion, there’s no better place to get high than out in nature. Hike into a cool spot with the bare essentials, or load your vehicle up with all the comforts and fun accessories you want.  Either option is a great choice to get outside and have a ton of fun while high.
  4. Biking – Light one up then hop on your bike for a fun two-wheeled adventure. Bike around your neighbourhood or go find some mellow cross-country trails through the woods.  You’ll get your exercise and cover lots of ground.


For the City High

  1. Eat – You know you’re going to be hungry after smoking some fine herb, so why not try a new restaurant or spend the afternoon chasing food trucks. There are so many delicious food options in the city so make the most of it.
  2. Theme Park – If you have a theme park nearby, get your adrenaline pumping with a toke and coaster. If you thought riding a rollercoaster was wild before, wait until you ride one high.
  3. Get Cultural – Consuming cannabis can help you see things from a different perspective. Why not maximize your high by going to your local Science Centre, Museum or Art Gallery.  It’s engaging, stimulating and it might just blow your mind.
  4. Get a Massage – You’ve had a fun time getting high and checking out all of the great amenities the city has to offer. Why not wind down with an hour-long massage to cap off an amazing day.


For the Fun and Creative High

  1. Make a Film – This is something you can do with some friends or by yourself. Smoke some uplifting, creative inspiring weed, grab a video camera, dslr or even your smartphone, and make a short film.  There are no boundaries to what topic, length or vibe it needs to be.  Shoot some visuals that inspire you, amuse you or weird you out and edit it into your own creative masterpiece.
  2. Writing – Pour yourself a hot cup of tea or coffee, grab a pen and some paper and just… write. Get in tune with yourself by writing a personal journal, or let the creative side of your mind fly with a fictional story.  It’s up to you!  If you’ve been on your computer all week, there’s nothing quite like getting back to basics with a pen to paper and your thoughts.
  3. Paint – Grab some paints and a canvas and unleash your inner Bob Ross. Let your mind run free and remember, “there are no mistakes, just happy accidents.”


Whether you’re in the mood to sink deep into the couch or ready for an adventure, there are plenty of fun things to do when you’re high.  Try some different activities, pair them with your favourite strains of weed and make your own list of fun things to do when you’re high.