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Flying With Cannabis

flying with cannabis

Flying With Cannabis In Canada

Cannabis is legal in Canada like alcohol and tobacco, with its own restrictions and legalities. Flying with cannabis may seem odd given its been illegal for so many years, but with weed being legal in Canada, you can fly with it just like you can alcohol and tobacco.

Can I Fly In-Between Provinces With Weed?

Yes, you can! Just remember you’re flying in between provinces and within Canada. If your flight is beyond domestic, then it is illegal to transport cannabis and products containing cannabis (including CBD).

If I Have a Medical Marijuana License In Canada, Can I Fly With Weed Anywhere?

No, you can not. Even if you have a small amount or are fully authorized to use cannabis medically, you cannot fly anywhere beyond the Canadian border. If you are entering Canada and you have cannabis with you, it is mandatory to declare it to the Canada Border Services Agency. What happens if you don’t? You may be prosecuted.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Purchase Weed?

You need to be the legal age in your specific province, or the province you’re visiting in. Follow the link here to learn about what the age of majority is in your province.

How Much Weed Can I Fly With?

When travelling between provinces in Canada and you meet the age of majority in whichever province you’re visiting, you may possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis. In a visual aspect, that equals about two hearty handfuls. Seems like quite a bit right?

Flying With Cannabis Oils

Don’t forget that even though weed is legal in Canada, and you’re able to fly with 30 grams, cannabis oil follows the same regulations with liquids. Keep it under 100ml (3.4oz) and put it in a clear resealable plastic bag that doesn’t exceed 1 litre in volume.

Flying with Weed Vaporizers

Every airline has its regulations that must be followed when it comes to batteries. For example, Air Canada specifically permits personal electronic devices with lithium-ion batteries (100 Wh – 160 Wh) in carry-on baggage only.

Remember, it’s 30 grams whether you’re on the ground or up in the air.

Check where you can smoke in your province because it varies based on provincial law. For example, Ontario and British Columbia are more lenient with cannabis regulations and allow the public to smoke in many open public spaces, whereas Saskatchewan and New Brunswick only allow it in private residences.

Should I Travel With Weed?

In summary, it is permitted to travel within Canadian provinces with 30 grams of weed, but if your plane is going anywhere beyond the Canadian border, it is illegal, and you might be prosecuted. Read the rules and stay safe. Remember that approximately two handfuls are the maximum allowed per person when travelling with weed.


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