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Organic Modified Banana Bubble Hash

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Organic Modified Banana Bubble Hash

Brand new strain of hash for us here at CWW.  We get this special organic bubble hash from the Kootenay region of BC. We carry a variety of Full Spectrum concentrates. Curious to know what that means? Click here to read our blog.

  • Flower tests at 30%+ THC.  Incredibly potent!
  • 70% indica
  • Banana OG x GMO
  • Sugary amber gravel consistency.

Modified Banana Bubble Hash is a potent strain by Skunkhouse Genetics.  She is a cross of the GMO x Banana OG.  Personally in our many travels to California, we were found lovers of the Banana OG that was going around the dispensaries Circa 2007.  We have been hunting down the best flowers and genetics for quite some time now!

The consistency of this batch is that of firm, sugary gravel with a slight tackiness to it.

Interested to know more about bubble hash?  Click on the link here.



GRAM (1g) – $30, 1/2 OUNCE (14g) – $350, OUNCE $600

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