Death Bubba Rosin (indica) .5 gram

Introducing our very own Rosin strains.  We teamed up with a local press artist that is doing limited batch runs of cannabis rosin.  Rosin is a great alternative to things like shatter, budder and crumble that are made with butane.  We use nothing but a little heat and pressure to create some of the purest extract you can find in Canada.  We want people to ingest our cannabis products in the safest manner.   We are the only online dispensary that does not carry any products made out of butane.

The effects of Death Bubba Rosin:

Death Bubba is a heavy hitting indica.  It is generally one of the strongest indica’s that we carry.

Wanna see what the flower is like? Check it out here

Find out here why the Rosin revolution is real!  Check out what High Times has to say about it.

Rosin is a healthier alternative for people that like to dab.  New to dabbing? Here is a quick video explaining the basics.

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