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Organic Blue Dream Kief (40-45% THC)


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Organic Blue Dream Kief

Farm fresh dry sift kief that tastes just like the flower!  This is amazing blonde kief of the absolute highest quality. If you like the taste and smell of this famous strain, then we couldn’t recommend this enough! Its like a power punch right to your brain. All the best qualities of Blue Dream. Sprinkle into a joint, stick in a pipe, whatever your beautiful heart desires. You gotta taste it to believe it! Trust us! If you need a bit more convincing still, read what the internet has to say about this legendary strain here.


Organic Blue Dream Kief Characteristics:

  • 40 – 45% THC
  • Light green in colour
  • Sweet pungent aroma
  • derived from organic flower



  • Creative stimulation
  • Full body relaxation without Drowsiness
  • Mellow high
  • Euphoria


Medicinal Uses:

  • Stress Relief
  • Pain Relief
  • Anti Nausea
  • Anti Inflammatory


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  1. rachelcraigs (verified owner)

    This kief is SO tasty! Tastes and smells just like the bud! I smoke it in my bong, and it’s the best. Thanks CWW!

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