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Strawberry Fields CBD Gummies – 80mg


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Perfect CBD gummies

New Prohibition is here to deliver you the highest quality CBD edibles on the market.

These days more and more people are integrating CBD into their wellness regime to help build and support their molecular and cellular health. Some of the main benefits are, helping to support healthy sleep cycles, relief of every stress and anxiety, and help in recovery from exercise/ sport induced inflammation.  These CBD gummies are the perfect way to ingest a reliable dose in a delicious gummy snack. They’re super portable and make for the perfect post-hike recovery treat, keep a couple in your pack on multi-day hikes or paddles and feel the tension melt away from your sore aching muscles.

Unlike other CBD products, CBD gummies offer you the benefit of prolonged effects. When you ingest CBD in edible form, your liver absorbs the compound, which results in an extended-release of CBD throughout your body over a lengthened period of time. Conversely using a product like CBD Oil administered sublingually will have a quicker onset and last for a shorter duration.

New Prohibition Strawberry CBD Jelly Block.

– 10 to 20 mg  ( 1/2 to 1 ) whole block, is the perfect dose for adults. ( not intended for use by children)

– Take before or after exercise or at any point in your day.

– As with all dietary supplements consult your doctor if you’re:

– pregnant, nursing, on any medications, have suspected health issues.


New Prohibition Strawberry CBD Jelly Block –  YOU WON’T GET HIGH!


New Prohibition sources only the finest, lab-tested organic CBD Isolate. This is produced for organic hemp plants which while closely related Marijuana are different in that they contain only 0.03 % THC. By further isolating the CBD Cannabinoid we ensure that this product contains ZERO THC and we have the lab tests to prove it! You can enjoy all the beneficial effects of CBD without the psychoactive effects of THC.


It’s tested to ensure:

 – It meets the standard of 99.8 % CBD isolate purity.

– meets standards for solvent and elemental residues

– contains no pesticide residues


  1. Aleah (verified owner)

    These are really tasty jelly blocks. They have a strong strawberry flavour with a very slight sourness to them. I like how the pack comes with 4 x 20mg Lego-looking blocks so it’s easy to calculate and customize the amount you’d like to take.

  2. Trish Rivers (verified owner)

    Bought these by accident, had them tucked away until my friend told me she uses them for ongoing muscle cramps (I have scoliosis). I started taking them in replace of Advil for my back ahead when I know I’m going to be doing something stressful and afterwards. I don’t cramp up near as much and I seem to recover faster as well. 👍🏻👍🏻

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