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New Prohibition Cherry Indica Gummies


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New Prohibition Cherry Indica Gummies are the perfect cannabis gummies to alleviate pain, stress and to help you sleep. These are simply some of the finest gummies you’ll find on the craft market.  Here is a few reasons why:

  • 4 gummies per pack (80mg total) – easy to dose 20mg per gummy.  Easy to eat a smaller dose or share with friends!
  • Full spectrum cannabis concentrate – No butane and no distillate.
  • Great gummies flavours made with high quality ingredients.

New Prohibition Strawberry Indica Gummies are crafted with great care at a professional kitchen and dosed with the finest full spectrum concentrate.  Other brands use distillate for their edibles which gets rid of the terpenes and other cannabinoids of the plant profile.  Even worse, a lot of brands use butane extracted concentrates to make their edibles.  New Prohibition uses pure full spectrum kief or bubble hash to make their edibles.  The result is a pure natural concentrate that has been achieved either through a dry sift method or with ice and agitation.  This is important to ensure medicinal users are getting the highest quality concentrate possible while maintaining the full spectrum aspect of the formulation.

Unlike other THC products, THC gummies offer you the benefit of prolonged effects. When you ingest THC in edible form, your liver absorbs the compound, which results in an extended-release of THC throughout your body over a lengthened period of time. Conversely using a product like THC Oil administered sublingually will have a quicker onset and last for a shorter duration.

New Prohibition Cherry Indica Gummies come in 80 mg packs, divided into 4 gummy blocks. Each block is 20 mg THC and first-time users are advised to take 1/2 a block ( 10 mg) and wait a couple of hours before trying more.

This Indica version is going to be perfect for chilling at home during the rainy days of spring and relaxing in the sun on those long blissful summer days to come. The ensuing deep relaxing sleep is quite a treat as well.


Try our orange flavour as well.







  1. way2gone (verified owner)

    These are my favourite flavour of gummies. Perfect bed time snack! Knocks me out good if I eat two of them.

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