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Cypress Organics 150 mg CBD Pet Tincture


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Cypress Organics CBD oil for dogs is made in Canada with 99.9% pure CBD isolate with organic hemp oil and Wild BC Salmon oil as a carrier. Pet owners around the world have turned to it to treat a wide variety of ailments and the general effects of aging on their beloved pets. We started using CBD as part of our senior dogs wellness regime about 4 years ago when the effects of arthritis started affecting our dog’s quality of life. She’d spent her entire life bounding effortlessly through the old-growth forests and navigating the rugged Coast mountain trails with great aplomb, but as the years passed simply getting of her bed was starting to become a painful task. We did some research and after sourcing some pure CBD we started mixing up batches for her. The results were nothing short of incredible and now, almost five years later our almost fifteen-year-old dog is still hitting the trails ( albeit not going too far from home anymore) We added Wild-caught Salmon Oil to the mix as it is also immensely beneficial to your pets health regime. We’re proud to release this product and hope you see the same benefits as we did.  We believe it is the best CBD oil for dogs in Canada. Common ailments Cypress Organics 150 mg CBD Pet Tincture could be used to treat:

  • pain relief
  • cardiac benefits
  • reduction in anxiety and depression
  • appetite stimulation
  • treats inflammation
  • used for treating seizures

If you’re not familiar with CBD Oil and its benefits, click here for a quick summary


STORING YOUR Cypress Organics 150 mg CBD Pet Tincture 

Your oil should be stored in a relatively cool dark place.  A cabinet is generally perfect.  Recommended temp is 15-21 degrees Celsius  (60-70 Fahrenheit.) These temperatures keep the viscosity of the CBD oil at usable levels and prevents degradation of the cannabinoids.

The average shelf life of your CBD Oil is 14 – 24 months.  This also depends on how you store it, as the light will tend to degrade the cannabinoids.


It is always advisable when giving your pet something new, to start out with small amounts, and then closely monitor the effects. And always check with your veterinarian first.

 Cypress Organics 150 mg CBD Pet Tincture CBD Oil is 0% THC, it will have no psychoactive effect on your pet. 


  • relaxation of the nervous system
  • calming of anxiety
  • reduction of inflammation
  • mild pain relief

500mg – $60, 1000mg – $100

  1. crazycatlady (verified owner)

    I use this for my cats. I just half the dosage. Sometimes 1/4 it. They seem to love it.

  2. darcystdennis (verified owner)

    I give this to my dog for his old man hips. He seems to love it!

  3. stefko (verified owner)

    I use it for my cat, for a better night sleep it seems to help

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