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Cannatek Tuna Kush 70% (indica weed vape pen cart)


Co2 Vape Cartridge Cannatek 70% THC Indica Vape Pen Cartridge.  Best Vape Pen Carts in Canada.   Solvent free extracts.  No butane.

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Cannatek Tuna Kush is a very strong indica weed vape cart tested at 70% THC. We love that we found this Cannatek Tuna Kush strain! This one will have you lost in the galaxy.  Cannatek is the best weed vape pen in Canada.  Yes, it is possible to vape cannabis.  Co2 vape is much better than standard shatter pens.  Our vape pens contain no butane or other harmful solvents. Canada Wide Weed is your best weed dispensary in Canada.  We carry only the best cannabis vape carts.  Want to know about the best temperature to vape weed?  Check out this link here

Note: Picture says 73%, that was an old pic… this formula tasted at 70%.

Cannatek Tun Kush stats:

Effects include: 

  • relaxation
  • stress relief
  • pain relief

Medicinal uses:

  • insomnia
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • chronic pain

Cannatek Co2 Vape Carts: 

  • 500mg
  • full spectrum supercritical Co2 extraction
  • lab tested by MB Labs, a Health Canada certified lab.
  • solvent free, no butane
  • fits on standard vape pen batteries (510 thread).

We love this Cannatek Tuna Kush weed vape pen here at CWW.  We do not and have never carried any butane products.  Butane causes cancer.  Don’t smoke buds washed in lighter fluid!

Want to know more about supercritical CBD and why it’s better?  Check this article out


.5 GRAM (.5g) – $70

  1. theNIneties

    Of the 4 ‘flavours’ of these things I’ve tried, they all get the job done, but this one has my favorite taste.

  2. mikerogersonmusic

    Can’t usually smoke flower in studios, so this has become invaluable to me. It’s nice to not have to take a break to go outside and risk losing my flow.

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