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Cannatek Train Wreck – 70% THC


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Cannatek Trainwreck is a pure co2 oil extract vape pen cart.  The Cannatek extraction process is 100% solvent free.  They source only the finest flowers that are free of any pesticides.  Cannatek does a full flower extraction, meaning they use actual buds instead of shake or leaf material.  This makes for a very premium product that retains the highest potency and full terpene flavour profile.  This full spectrum extraction is very important for medicinal users.  Full spectrum extraction is important to create the entourage effect, the combination of all active Cannabinoids being present in the extraction.  Cannatek Trainwreck is one of the highest quality extractions you can find on the market today.

Trainwreck is an absolutely classic strain originating from Humboldt County,  California.   It is a potent sativa hybrid that is a cross of several landrace strains.  It has been present in the California scene since the 1990’s.   The effects of Trainwreck are very cerebral and mind bending.  Their is an exotic citrus mixed with pine notes that give it a very unique flavour profile.  It produces quite an intense feeling of euphoria.   These positive, uplifting effects make it a go to strain for the creative subculture of California.  On the medicinal side, it is excellent for treating anxiety, ADD / ADHD and PTSD.  It has also been effective in treating migraines and associated pain, due to it’s extremely high THC content.  Cannatek Trainwreck is some of the best medicine you can find here in British Columbia.


.5 GRAM (.5g) – $70

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