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Organic Skywalker Kush preroll


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Skywalker pre roll – simply the best.

Our Skywalker OG prerolls contain 1/2 gram AAAA hybrid cannabis that is rolled in a  1 1/4 inch cone.  Fresh harvest by Elphinstone Farms.  Sun grown living soil organic.

This Skywalker OG Strain was a staple of ours in 2016-2017.  Our previous growers went on to do other things, but we are happy to find this gem of a strain again.  This particular strain made it’s journey from Northern California.  It is a very sought after gem for all the “kush” heads out there.

The Skywalker OG Strain will leave you will the sensation of soaring through the skies.  The first time our staff at CWW tried it, we were hysterically laughing for a half and hour.   We find that initial buzz of this strain to feel much like a classic sativa, however it fades after that initial burst into a very relaxing, calm high.  Similar to the roar of a jet plane taking off and reaching altitude, but once your up in the sky it’s nice and smooth.

The THC content of this beautiful flower is significant.   It is covered in sticky resinous trichomes. The smell is quite pungent and is similar to the very “gassy” or “fuel” type aroma that the Diesel strains carry.  The bud structure is quite spindly calyx with light coloured buds and subtle dark green sugar leaves. The stems on this strain are amazingly tiny.  It’s hard to imagine they are able to hold such massive buds.  However, these buds are exactly rock hard dense.  They are somewhere in the middle, not too dense and not overly fluffy.  Some of the attributes of the Skywalker OG Strain are the following:

Skywalker OG Characteristics:

  • gassy, fuel / diesel smell
  • light brown almost pink hairs
  • very sticky, resinous crystals
  • 26%  THC


  • soaring euphoric buzz
  • tapers off into relaxing calm feeling
  • classic stoned feeling

Medicinal Uses: 

  • Chronic Pain
  • Extreme Stress
  • Depression
  • Poor Appetite

Is the Skywalker OG strain good?

The Skywalker pre roll is simply one of the best selling indica pre rolls we carry.  Rarely in stock due to it’s overwhelming popularity.  What do you expect when it simply gives you power over the force itself.  Comes with it’s own lightsaber to fend off the empire.  We are the little guy here, we appreciate the Jedi journey.  Help us keep craft cannabis alive in BC.  Don’t let the machine roll over the small farmer.

Is Skywalker OG indica or sativa?

The Skywalker pre roll is a mostly indica strain, with roughly 85% of it’s genetic makeup being indica.  For all intensive purposes this strain is going to have the effects of an indica. It has the classic Kush feeling of relaxation and heavy eyes.  Think of you classic surfer stoner and this strong kush strains are what created that stereotype.

What does the Skywalker OG strain do?

The Skywalker pre roll has a very euphoric buzz to it that tapers off into that indica stoned feeling.  It is good for dealing with stressful situations, especially when evil Sith lords are trying to get you to bend to their will.

Is Skywalker OG good for sleep?

Yes! This is an excellent strain for those that are suffering from sleep deprivation.  The lack of a good night sleep may very be the #1 medicinal reason people use our products here at CWW.  The Skywalker pre roll is a very easy way to unwind at the end of a stressful day.  Modern life has created an overload of stimuli and most of us don’t do work that drains us to the point of exhaustion.   This joint will help you get the rest you need to have a productive day!

Check out the flower here when we have it!

  1. bostonmathews

    I got 3 of these in my order today…all nicely packed and good tasting. Much better quality weed than other pre rolls I’ve gotten elsewhere.

  2. Roger Michaels

    i love the fatty pre rolls from this site!!! all kinds i’ve tried have been great, but the skywalker has something special about it. great taste and a great balanced, hybrid high.

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