Organic Sour Kush Pre Rolled Joint

Best pre rolled joints in Vancouver Canada

Sour Kush pre rolled joint is a 1/2 gram joint rolled in a Raw organic cone.  These ensure the best flavour and pair well with our organic bud. Sour Kush is a mild indica strain. Great for daytime pain relief, and relaxation

Sour Kush’s flavour is musky, and sweet. When ground up, the scent becomes more potent. Sour Kush is the perfect strain for someone who is looking to help with mild back pain, headaches, cramps, and muscle pain. Sour Kush is mild enough that you can smoke it during the day, and not feel burnt out or sluggish afterwards.

As per usual, you can also get our Sour Kush pre rolled joint shipped anywhere in Canada! Our shipping is usually 2-3 days via Xpresspost.  Get great cannabis shipped right to your door!  What a great time to be alive!

Check out more information on this strain on Allbud

Our pre-rolls are handmade with love in our little factory in Vancouver.  We start with only the finest quality buds and grind them up into a nice fluffly powder.  We make sure there are zero stems or any interfering material in the joints.  Our organic joints burn nice and slow.  The ash on our joints is always white, this is a sign of the quality.  You don’t have to keep relighting our joints over and over again.  Do you hate joints that just burn black and always go out?  Are you tired of smoking weed that makes you cough incessently?  Even worse gives you a headache?  We specalize in having the best quality marijuana for sale in Vancouver.   If we wouldn’t smoke it, we don’t sell it.  We have done lots of tests out there in the market and tried what people pass off as pre-rolls.  These used to be floor sweepings and shitty left over shake that had been man-handled.  We believe in grinding up quality cannabis nugs and giving you fresh flowers in your joints.  You will taste and feel the difference in our pre rolled joints.  They have consistently been the number #1 selling item in our shop and now our online store.  We have such a dificult time keeping them in stock.  It takes considerable effort just to rally the little elves that make these magical treats.  We just can’t work them 24 hours a day lol…

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