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Organic Banana Kush Hybrid Rosin (1g)


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Craft organic weed rosin

Organic Banana Kush Hybrid Rosin is a wonderful collaboration between the fine extractors at New Prohibition and the master craft living soil organic growers at Elfinstone Farms.   This Rosin was pressed at low temperature with freshly harvested cannabis. It is delicately collected and packaged into 1 gram glass jars.  This makes for an ease of use with a dab tool and ensures none of the product is wasted.  This particular rosin is a nice amber colour and really does smell and tastes like the flower.

Banana Kush Strain

Banana Kush is a sweet flavored hybrid that is a cross of Ghost OG and Skunk Haze strains. It is a slightly indica leaning hybrid at 60% indica and 40% sativa.   This strain is one of those were you put your nose up to it and just say, wow that really does smell like bananas.  That was the result of one of our friends who barely ever indulges in cannabis, he commented on the aroma immediately.  We certainly love when the name of a strain pairs to our pallets.  The aroma is not the only thing that comes through with this exquisite craft rosin, the flavour of the smoke is also a bouquet of bananas.  This Banana Kush strain is a rare exotic cannabis strain not too often seen in the Canadian craft market.

The effects of Banana Kush are generally associated with a mellow pleasant buzz that creates a sense of euphoria.  When we sampled this particular rosin we certainly had a wonderful smile on our faces!

Medicinal Properties of Organic Banana Kush Hybrid Rosin

The focus of our site is to 1st and foremost help people with medicinal issues source the very finest cannabis products at reasonable prices.  This product is a concentrated medicine that can help alleviate the symptoms of various conditions.  These include:

  • sleep disorders such as insomnia
  • stress from our modern world
  • muscular tensions
  • glaucoma
  • eating disabilities

We love to here from our members about the medicinal benefits they receive from our products!  If you have purchased this product you can leave a review when your logged into your account.  See our page about product reviews for more details.  You even earn bonus points to help you save money and increase your health!

Organic Banana Kush Hybrid Rosin summary:

This rosin really is a great treat and we are very excited to provide our members with some of the finest cannabis products throughout Canada.   This hybrid Rosin is very potent,  a little goes a long way!   Most people dab with about a 1/10 of a gram.  This is very strong concentration and the effects last quite a while.  Easier on your lungs that smoking a whole cannabis joint with less overall THC.

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Check out our blog post written by our lovely staff here at CWW!  They really dive deep into researching all things cannabis.  We understand that this is a relatively new emerging topic so we are here to help with as much info as possible.  This particular post gives an overview of what dabs are and the various ways they are consumed.

The Rosin Revolution!

Find out here why the Rosin revolution is real!  Rosin is a clean solvent free extraction that uses only heat and pressure in the extraction process.  This creates a potent concentration of THC and other various cannabinoids while also preserving many of the terpenes that constitute the flavour and aroma profile of the original cannabis flower.  If you want to know more here is what High Times has to say about it.

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