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Green Goblin Strain

Green Goblin Strain is either the family-friendly name of Green Crack or a specific phenotype of the Green Crack plant. Either way, it is most likely a cross of Northern Lights with Skunk #1, but some versions seem to have some diesel mixed in as well. The pungent aroma of the Goblin is overall musky and skunky with hints of that diesel fuel, and the buds will be a forest green with rusty orange hairs. This strong sativa will leave most happy, dreamy, and sometimes creative and extra-alert. The head buzz is coupled with relaxing body effects that continue on even after the mind clears.  It’s definitely one of the best sativa strains of 2019 for energy.


  • stunning orange hairs
  • Sweet, Lemon, Pine
  • Lime green colour


  • happy
  • creative alert
  • dreamy euphoria

Medicinal Uses:

  • depression
  • ADHD
  • Stress
  • mood disorders

The green goblin strain is new in here at CWW.  Hope you enjoy!




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