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Canada Wide Weed has been in business since 2016! 

We started our journey back in 2016 when we operated a medical marijuana dispensary in Vancouver.  We have been growers and product makers in the medicinal cannabis space since its inception in Canada, all the way back to 2001.  We now can say we have 20+ years of experience in this field.  Over those 20 years we have seen many changes in the industry.  Some good and for sure lots of challenges.  

Our ethos: 

Canada Wide Weed has been the one and only dispensary in Canada to be 100% butane extraction free.  This means we don’t sell shatter, crumble, and budder. As people that have seen every facet of this industry we only believe in making healthiest products for our patients.   We run our own living soil organic farm.  This helps us control the factors of production for the vast majority of our items.  

Our products: 

We stand behind all our products and curate a selection of only craft cannabis that are of the highest standards.  From edibles, concentrates, pre rolled joints and cannabis flowers we want to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.  In the very rare case you aren’t satisfied with something, we are always willing to exchange for another product. 

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