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Best oil for Cannabis Extraction

Best Oil for Cannabis Extraction

As long as human beings have existed, they have been naturally curious.  Curious in the sense of how they can make things better.  Curious how they can feel a bit better, more comfortable, more relaxed. For this reason, people have developed a natural fascination with the cannabis plant.  However, sometimes a wicked thing called tolerance rears its ugly head and the fine people of planet earth are forced to get creative.  Enter extraction.  There are many forms of extraction.  From gentle flowing water to deadly butane garage explosions, there are more than a few ways to peel this banana.  But what is the very best way?  And when it comes to cooking, what is the best oil for cannabis extraction? We prefer to use natural things when we make our extractions, so we are here today to highlight a few of them.

Fat Soluble

The chemical compounds of the cannabis plant are known to be fat-soluble.  What does that mean? It means that they break down in fat instead of water.  This means that when your cooking with marijuana you’re going to be using some form of fat.  Most people are familiar with cannabutter.  But when it comes to picking the right oil for your extractions, which one is the best? Is it non-salted ghee from grass-fed cows that are given massages 3 times a day? Is it wildcrafted virgin oil from Tuscany? Could it be young Thai coconuts grown at the base of an ancient monastery? We are here to help you sort through the marketing minutia of your Saturday morning whole foods wake and bake nightmare.  All those fancy labels neatly stacked in pristine order.  However, can you possibly choose the right one? Let’s explore fat when it comes to the best oil for cannabis extraction.

Fat Saturation

You gotta get a real fat concentrated medium if you’re going to absorb some serious THC.  Don’t start getting all skinny canna when it comes to getting the dose you need.  We understand taste is everything and there are a lot of restrictive diets out there these days.  Obviously if your a vegan, regular old butter is going to be out of the question.  Also, please whatever you do don’t use margarine.  These trans fats are out here killing more people than coronavirus.  I can’t believe the things that people decided were good for you in the ’80s.  So there are lots of different kinds of oils out there for you to choose from.  But you want to know our recommendation?  I mean if you’re actually reading this far, you probably do right?  Or maybe you’re just so tired of watching Trump impeachment coverage that you decided you would learn how to make your own edibles.   I can’t blame anyone for wanting to melt into their couch for a solid half a day.  Anyway, if you really want to make some potent edibles, we suggest coconut butter! Why coconut butter? Keep reading and we will give you our distinguished research as to why it’s the best oil for cannabis extraction.

Why should I use coconut oil for Cannabis?

Well, this all comes down to fat saturation levels again.  Again, when it comes to cooking cannabis, we aren’t looking for the skinny jeans approach.  We want the Sir Mix A Lot remix.  When it comes to absorbing THC, the higher the fat saturation the easier it is for the fat to absorb THC and other cannabinoids that are in this magical plant. Did you know that Coconut oil is 90% saturated fat?  These coconuts are out here looking thick AF.  On the flip side, you got olive oil.  This is your standard runway model, clocking in a paltry 15% saturated fat.  Olive oil is out here eating celery as a snack.  That is just not what you’re looking for when it comes to cannabis.  You need that chicken and waffles with a side of cornbread.  Coconut oil has the fat you are looking for and is why it’s the best oil for cannabis extraction.

Is coconut oil good for you?

The scientific answer to this is yes.  Some people are very adverse to high levels of saturated fat.  However, this plant-based fat is actually good for you.  The difference lies in what is known as medium fatty chain acids and long-chain fatty acids.  Coconut oil is made up of medium fatty chain acids, which are quite easy for the body to break down.  These fats are rapidly metabolized and turned into energy.  Long-chain fatty acids are the exact opposite.  They are not easily broken down and are usually absurd into your body as fatty tissue.


Get that THC flowing through you!

We told you coconut oil is great absorbing THC already.  We didn’t tell you that it actually helps the deliver the THC better than regular old butter.  Animal fats don’t break down as easily so the chemical compounds in the cannabis won’t be as effectively delivered.  Coconut oil will break down naturally and be absorbed quickly instead of passing through your system without breaking down.  It will deliver the nutrients and chemical found in the cannabis plant through your digestive tract.  This is why we think cannabis oil is the way to go when it comes to making edibles.  We want to effectively absorb all that THC.  Since coconut oil absorbs the best, it will have more intense psychoactive effects.  This is certainly the way for people that want strong edibles.  I know we used to make edibles and always used coconut oil as a way of making them vegan.  We really didn’t even understand the benefits of the absorption rate at the time.  People would always say our edibles were great.  It always isn’t just about the stated THC levels on an edible.  Sometimes you need the proper delivery system to get the most out of your cannabis.  Thanks for tuning in to the latest edition of our blog.  We really enjoy learning more about this wonderful plant and we hope you do too.  Now that cannabis is finally legal in Canada, there are lots of exciting things going on with the plant.  Every day it seems we learn new things and Canada Wide Weed is here to give you all the updates and info you need!


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Cannabis Entourage Effect

Best Canadian Online Dispensary

Buying weed online is as simple as ever with the best Canadian online dispensary Canada Wide Weed. Before buying cannabis online was legal in Canada, you needed a registered health access card from your practicing health professional, and an approved account at your chosen medical marijuana dispensary.

How has legalization changed ordering cannabis online?

Now you don’t need a health access card for cannabis. All you need to do is make an online profile and submit your government-issued ID to verify you’re 19 years of age. Canada Wide Weed accepts ID’s with just your name and date of birth and deletes your ID from our database once your first order is processed. Sounds simple, isn’t it? It is. Your best Canadian online dispensary finds the right craft cannabis product for you.

If you live in the Vancouver area Canada Wide Weed doesn’t require you to upload an ID. If the customer looks under the age of 30 during delivery, we will ask for ID to ensure you’re of age.

How do I order cannabis through Canada Wide Weed?

Ordering cannabis online is as simple as ordering anything through an e-commerce site. Canada Wide Weed prides ourselves on being the best Canadian online dispensary offering multiple strains for ranging medical needs or desired recreational use.

Canada Wide Weed offers prerolls, sativa, indica and hybrid strains as well as edibles, CBD products and extracts. Our wide range of products will help you figure out exactly what works for you, what profiles you enjoy and potency.

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