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New Prohibition Cali Bubba Rosin Cart (indica hybrid)


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Introducing New Prohibition Craft Rosin Vape Carts!  

Now in the Cali Bubba Rosin Vape Cart by New Prohibition! Lots of folks in the lower mainland have discovered the pleasure of solvent free craft rosin.  New Prohibition has been making a name for itself in 2021 as a leader in high quality craft cannabis rosin products.  They have been pressing some of the finest strains in Vancouver and people have really started to take notice.  We consistently sell out of their rosin because they truly make small batch one of kind products.  It all starts with choosing the highest quality source material.   Whether pressed from flower, kief or even bubble hash they always carefully select strains that have the most potency and the most flavourful terpene profiles.  New Prohibition presses at low temperatures to preserve the most amount of terpenes when the press.  This sacrifices yield, however they believe in presenting the highest quality craft product.

Their introductory Cali Bubba Rosin Cart is their first attempt at putting there beloved rosin into convenient vape cartridges.  This is made for people that want the ease of use and discretion that vape carts provide.  These carts are strong and provide instant relief in just a few puffs.


  • Full bodied flavourful draw
  • Full spectrum all natural extraction
  • Convient vape cart

Effects include:

  • Relaxed
  • Uplifted
  • Euporic
  • Happy
  • Energetic

Medicinal uses:

  • Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Stress

New Prohibition Rosin Vape Carts: 

  • 500mg
  • full spectrum natural heat pressurized extraction
  • lab tested by Canvas Labs, a Health Canada certified lab.
  • solvent free, no butane
  • fits on standard vape pen batteries (510 thread).

We do not and have never carried any butane products.  Butane causes cancer.  Don’t smoke buds washed in lighter fluid! This is the reason we have exclusively choose to carry Cannatek vape pen products.  They have absolutely always had the best, most consistent products from BC.

Learn more about Rosin vape carts and their benefits at Potguide

We pressed this rosin from our super popular Cali Bubba strain.  You can check it out here!



.5 GRAM (.5g) – $70

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