Mota Key Lime Lip Balm

Mota Chocolate Cherry Lip Balm

Mota Chocolate Cherry Lip Balm is lip-loving cannabis medication you’ve been looking for to treat your lips. Additionally we love that the balm is blended with soothing emollients.  Because we love organic ingredients here at CWW you be happy with this ingredient list.

It includes organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, organic grape seed oil, organic shea butter and organic bees wax. Therefore, you will love it delicate flavour and it is a pleasure to apply. It’s because of the skin-friendly CBD that helps it be absorbed by the lips.

You will love the flavour of this lip balm.  It has such good organic ingredients in it!

Are you wondering if cannabis lip balm gets you high? We found an independent website’s review of cannabis lip balm that they tried.

Are you looking for other ways to get high without smoking?  Check this tincture we make:

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