Landrace Green Congolese

Landrace Green Congolese (high CBD) (organic)

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Our craft growers in Powell River found a winner!  We are happy to present our Landrace Green Congolese.  This is because we found a unicorn, a 100% pure sativa strain that is extremely high in CBD.  Our version of this strain is grown 100% organic in living soil with absolutely no pesticides or chemical nutrients.  Burns clean and smooth.  This strain has characteristics of being 5:1 CBD to THC.   This is very low THC so its ideal for anyone looking for medicinal CBD strains.


  • exceptional energy
  • cerbral activity that promotes creativity
  • sativa with high cbd that counteracts anxiety
  • no paranoia
  • reports of uses as aphrodisiac

Medicinal Uses: 

  • alleviates fatigue
  • reduces stress
  • helps with depression
  • rare sativa that combats anxiety

Landrace Green Congolese is a extremely rare CBD strain.  We are likely the only online store with any in stock at the moment!  Check out some info about the science behind high CBD strains here








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5 reviews for Landrace Green Congolese (high CBD) (organic)

  1. _solo1_

    Slightly sour-smelling when fresh, more citrus when heated. CBD to THC ratio was at least a 2- or even 4-to-one. Very calming with a burst of mental focus. Day time strain to help get stuff done. Compared to commercially available CBD strains, you don’t feel that toxic hangover once it starts to wear off. Exceptionally clean organic. Would buy again. Great service and communication from the CWW team.

  2. dale sturdavent

    never tried a ‘high cbd’ weed before… it’s like being high but you can perfectly function in public. perfect for day stuff

  3. doncherry

    I was looking to find something that is sativa and engergizing, but anxiety is always a concern for me and sativas often trigger it. At the recommendation of the person on the chat, I tried a bag of this stuff and I’ll never look back. I got quite high, but zero paranoia or anxiousness. And as the description claims, little to zero burnout factor. Tastes excellent too!

  4. kayleerogers

    As a very active person thats running around all the time, this kind allows me to be high, but still stay alert and on top of things. I’ve been searching for a sativa like this for a long time. Kudos to whoever is cultivating this.

  5. amandalanda

    this paired nicely with the good time gummies that I took into the Avengers movie 🙂

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