Cannatek Violator Kush – 81% THC

Cannatek Violater Kush is an exclusive, very high THC,  indica co2 vape cart.  This Violator Kush is a brand new offering from the geniuses at Cannatek.  There is a good reason why we only exclusively carry Cannatek, it’s because they are the absolute best on the market! The Violator Kush is one of the strongest formulations to date at 81% THC.   Each Cannatek vape cartridge contains 500mg of pure C02 cannabis oil.  Cannatek uses 100% C02 cannabis oil with no additives.  Cannatek vape carts are a full spectrum extraction.  Cannatek’s exclusive co2 extraction process preserves all the terpenes.  Cannatek does not use any kind of distillate methods.



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