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Why do you only carry Cannatek vape pen carts?


Quality matters.

When it comes to vape pen carts we only carry Cannatek.  There is a good reason for this.  Canada Wide Weed, since 2016 has been about one thing, quality over quantity.  We hold very high standards for our products.  Cannatek Co2 carts are made with full spectrum pure Co2 oil.  The competitors? Not so much.  We found that most companies are using distillate as their base for oil.  Even worse, we find that many other companies will “cut” their oil with popular e-juice solutions.  These include propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.   We here at Canada Wide Weed care about providing the healthiest, highest quality cannabis products.

Cannatek Co2 Vape Carts are lab tested by MB Labs.  They are a certified Health Canada lab that has the accreditation you can trust.  There are many labs here in Vancouver that simply are equipped to give proper results.  They are also for profit companies that are unregulated, so it’s often testing that suites the purposes of other unregulated cannabis brands.  When trying to source the best cannabis products online, trust is a key factor.  The team at Canada Wide Weed has been in the cannabis industry for 15+ years.  We have done everything from running large scale medicinal grow operations, to setting up Co2 extraction labs and running a well respected retail storefront in the Vancouver area.  We are dedicated to providing proper information to the clients of this blossoming industry.

Cannatek is one of the few brands in BC that we fully trust.  They have great transparency and are dedicated to helping medicinal patients.  We can’t say enough good things about them!  Here are some of the highlights that make them the best Co2 extract company in Canada.

  • pure nug run Co2 extracts
  • consistent, pure full spectrum oil
  • accurate, certified lab tested analysis
  • rare and exotic strains
  • no PG or VG dilution